About On Time Resources

On Time Resources Inc, created by a veteran owner/operator David Youngblood. David has been an owner/operator for over 30 years, so he understands the fear of hearing those unknown sounds coming from the truck. Pulling over in busy traffic to make sure everything is all right and to make sure the truck will make it to the end of that run and/or home.

David knows what it is like to be on the road for weeks at a time and longing for a delicious meal, a clean restroom, easy access to parking for a much-needed night of sleep, friendly faces, and competitive fuel prices.

OTR has scoured the highways looking for those home cooked meals with truck parking, hotels that want the backbone of our country to have a great night’s rest, old-fashioned truck stops that do not have inflated prices just to offer point-based incentives that do not save the owner/operator overall.

Discounts and benefits from all these wonderful places for our members is a way to say thank you for all the challenging work and dedication to the underappreciated facet of America.


To seek out and make resources large companies enjoy available to all.
To help the real backbone of America, the owner/operator.
To take an overlooked group of people and turn them #1 at the truck stop.